A Letter to My 16 Year Old Self

Dear Me,

You have a great figure, be proud of it, flaunt it.  Your skin is great, DO NOT cover it in that awful cheap make-up.  You may want to save this particular piece of advice for a few years, but have a bit more ‘fun’, there are a few missed opportunities that you may grow up to regret.

You will make it to university (I know!) and you will almost turn yourself inside out trying to fit in with the, let’s say, better off students.  Don’t bother, seriously, they will only ever see you as someone bred to clean their dorm.  You will be friends with the other two students who went to a comp and who don’t have a car.  One of them will become the most wonderful friend a girl could wish for. 

I won’t spoil too much more for you, but I will say that you will never sit still for long, there will always be the next job, the next project and you don’t always make things easy for yourself, but you will find your thing. 

You will never carry a child, so try to skip over the times of yearning and heartache because, trust me, they will lay waste to many years which should have been happier and more fulfilling.  But you will have a husband and children and they will give you the most wonderful and unexpected life.

And you know that gut-feeling, that intuition you have?  Trust it.

Love from Sally xx




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