E-Petition, Rights for adopted children formerly in Local Authority Care

When our son started to have significant problems at school, it came as a shock to our family that the state had no legal obligation to provide either psychological or educational support for him.  If we had fostered and not adopted him, he would have been eligible to receive the support he needed.  The impact upon chlldren of neglect and abuse is obviously not washed clean by the granting of an adoption order, but the beaurocracy chooses not to see it that way.  Adoptive parents are left fighting a system for help, when their time and energies are already under great strain.  Adoptive children are left to fail, which only goes to reinforce their view of themselves, that what has happened to them is their fault.  At the same time that these huge demands are put upon adoptive parents, we are told that there is a desperate shortage of adopters.  There could well be a connection.  It is estimated that for each child adopted the state saves a million pounds.  It does not seems unfair that a small part of this saving should go towards supporting some of our most vulnerable children. 

An e-petition has been posted on the government website which seeks to rectify this situation.  It hits the nail on the head.  I urge everyone to take two minutes, follow the link and to sign the petition.  It could make a real difference to thousands of children who have the right to a second chance.




7 thoughts on “E-Petition, Rights for adopted children formerly in Local Authority Care

  1. It can be difficult to get familiar persons about this issue, nevertheless, you seem like you understand exactly what you are writing on! Regards

  2. Thanks for the support Sally! I see you have links with Mumsnet – have you flagged it up on there? Not sure I can get on as a mere bloke!

    I’ve sent it to my MP who’s meeting me next month to discuss it, and has passed the e-mail I wrote to him on to the Children’s Minister.

    Also there’s now another petition someone’s written about overhauling the whole adoption process, as touched on by the Narey report and even Cameron’s Tory Conference speech, which is rapidly rising up the e-petition charts.

    Keep up the good work!


    • Thank you so much for making contact. I am so impressed with your petition, the wording especially, it encapsulates everything I would have wanted to express. I have flagged it on mumsnet, adoptionuk, BAAF and fertility friends. I have also tweeted about it and will continue to. I will have a look at the other e-petition you’ve referred to.
      Now you’ve suggested it, I will also bother my MP as well!
      You’ve done a brilliant job.
      PS Are you on twitter?

      • Hi Sally
        Like you, not on Facebook for birth family reasons (long and complicated story involving the courts – boo).
        Great to know how you’re promoting it too.
        Haven’t thought about Twitter, don’t really “get” it, but could look into it.

        I wrote to BAAF and Barnardos early on – got a reply from Barnardos that it was being passed up the chain, but nothing since; not even a “thank you for your message” from BAAF. I’ve also written to the Secretary of State for Education (no reply) and his Shadow (standard automatic reply) but was impressed by the way my MP is dealing with it, despite him representing a party I’d never usually give the time of day to!!!!

        • Hi Philip,
          I will tweet BAAF and Barnardos and try some MPs too.
          I was advised to use twitter to promote my website, which in turn is promoting my book (nothing is ever easy!) and I’m really glad I did. You need an email address (I created one without my name in) and then you make up a twitter name and that’s all, so it is anonymous as far as I can tell. It gives you access to all sorts of people and I’ve found it to be very friendly. It’s also fun.
          I’ve written about the whole trans-racial debate today, it’ll be on the top of the homepage if you’re interested.
          Saw your piece in the Adoption UK newsletter, that should get things going.

  3. Apologies Miriam, I don’t use Facebook as our family have some complicated privacy issues. I will look into whether I can share without belonging. Thanks for your comment.


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