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There are times when we need some of the same folder in a progress of work or project. And the easiest way to do is to create a folder toolbar. Because it is much easier than keeping the Windows Explorer or open the file manager. When it has finished using the toolbar folder, then it can be removed easily. just maybe, making a folder toolbar can simplify your work. (more…)

Studiopress, Genesis, and Child Themes

December 3, 2018 | Blogging | No Comments

Genesis and StudioPress

Genesis Framework is a framework that is awakened by StudioPress to form a web page that is unique and interesting with WordPress. What need to be made ​​by someone building a web page are those formed child-themes that will be used in the Genesis of this Framework. And of course the software system that is intended to be used again and simplify the job of blogs and websites that you manage. There are many features that can be used in it and wanted by website owner so far. (more…)

Vert Shock for a Perfect Dunk

December 2, 2018 | Sport | No Comments

Want to be perfect in dunking? You have tried many efforts to add your vertical jump but it does not give any result? Just try vert shock to improve your ability in dunking. But first, what is vert shock? Vert shock vertical jump has become a program designed for you who want to add inches for your vertical jump. The training is about to add 9 until 15 inches of vertical jump in eight weeks. The best score for vertical jump is when a person can do the vertical jump until 40 inches. This vertical jump training is suitable for basketball player. But, it is can be beneficial for the sport player too such as, baseball player, volleyball player, football player, martial artist, and many more. (more…)