Eco-Friendly Books

December 15, 2018 | Green Living | No Comments

The people at the Japanese company Green Supermarket back makes a lot of things to make people more aware of the nature, especially plants. With a brilliant idea and applied in a simple, then people will love and care this plant with easy and fresh way. Even they do it unconsciously. It is also very powerful to help anyone who does not have a balcony at his residence. This company packages in a unique way. From the outside looks like a regular book we know, but when opened, will “pop-up” cute garden complete with pictures and stories with a small herb this plant or this plant.

The first product is a green-supermarket-books. This ‘plant book’ comes with a variety of designs to suit the individual preferred. Or for someone to have a variety of designs as a collection, so that more plants around us. Each book has little story and a message written in the book cover in accordance with the scene depicted. Once the lettuce has grown slightly to harvest brings new meaning to “eat your words”!

The second product is a milk-carton-plant. Green Dish, what looks like a simple milk carton lifted up reveals a small “garden” of cress. These objects may be multifunctional decoration in the place you live in such houses often (dining table, beside the phone, etc.), in the room, and on your office desk.

Another is the green-product-packaging plant. It comes from an innovative and imaginative idea. This plant also maximizes someone’s for to keep eating the vegetables, although not complete. Because green-packaging-plant grow plants that can be consumed freshly.

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