There are times when we need some of the same folder in a progress of work or project. And the easiest way to do is to create a folder toolbar. Because it is much easier than keeping the Windows Explorer or open the file manager. When it has finished using the toolbar folder, then it can be removed easily. just maybe, making a folder toolbar can simplify your work.

How to create a folder toolbar is not too complicated. Just by following things like this:

  1. Open Windows Explorer and find the folder you plan to use. In the screen snap below, we made a toolbar using the Newsletter folder.
  2. If Windows Explorer is using your full screen, click the Restore Down button in the top right corner. This is the middle button with the overlapping boxes. You need to have an edge of the desktop showing.
  3. Left-click and drag your desired folder to the desktop’s edge (any side) until the mouse cursor stops. This is where the toolbars will appear. The toolbar can be either horizontal or vertical.
  4. Release the mouse. Should show the toolbar with the name of the folder at the beginning. As example, our toolbar is Called Newsletter.
  5. Right-click on the toolbar’s name. The shortcut menu should appear. If you do not want the toolbar to always show, select Auto-Hide. The auto-hide feature hides the toolbar until the mouse moves to that area.

And to delete the folder toolbar, you simply right-click the name of the toolbar from the toolbar menu.

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