Vert Shock for a Perfect Dunk

December 2, 2018 | Sport | No Comments

Want to be perfect in dunking? You have tried many efforts to add your vertical jump but it does not give any result? Just try vert shock to improve your ability in dunking. But first, what is vert shock? Vert shock vertical jump has become a program designed for you who want to add inches for your vertical jump. The training is about to add 9 until 15 inches of vertical jump in eight weeks. The best score for vertical jump is when a person can do the vertical jump until 40 inches. This vertical jump training is suitable for basketball player. But, it is can be beneficial for the sport player too such as, baseball player, volleyball player, football player, martial artist, and many more.

In vert shock, there are three steps to do. First step to take is the pre shock phase. In this step you will must prepare yourself to do exercise so that your body will used to the next two-steps after this phase. You will be given exercise on your muscle fiber and this is done to add  vertical jump of yours 3 until 5 inches. This step will last for seven days. The next phase is the shock phase. This is the phase where your concentration will be taken more in the effort. The phase will teach you about the combination of strength training and plyometric exercises. The exercises should be done 4 times in a week for one hour.

The last step is the post shock. This final step of the program will teach you how to use your muscles to improve your jump performance at the right time. This step is the most important phase because you have to try to jump highly. After you do the three steps program, you will feel the advantage of doing vert shock.

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