Panasonic showcased a prototype solar-powered inductive charging desk in Retail Tech Expo held in Tokyo. This table can recharge their device simply by storing the device on the table. Puff! Like a magic.

Solar charging contactless Panasonic table, although it now has outstanding range of products with the device and an inductive system, but there is something different from this one product. That is how the panels filling in the table to connect directly to the battery itself. An employee Panasonic shows how it is possible to simply place the battery on the table and will start charging with no clutch or 3rd-party accessories, as an integrated circuit with its own battery. No longer have an intermediary like a cable to recharge your device.

Solar charging contactless Panasonic table is also a reliable solution for business people who are busy and only had time to stop at a coffee shop for a brief rest. The table is sought in addition to coffee and food in the restaurant. Sanyo Eneloop Portable charger in the restaurant can also be used in meetings and conduct business transactions office. This wireless charging is one way that is very helpful and very multifunctional.


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