My La Rosa Story :)

La Rosa Big Bench

La Rosa Big Bench

On Wednesday I arrived at the campsite and met the “La Rosa crew”, they were all very nice to us. They made us a feast and we ate it outside on the new bench which was very big. I wasn’t sure what to expect because they had scary hair cuts, but I soon got to know them and they were all lovely people. After tea I helped soup up Amanda’s car with Jazz. We added green wheel rims (it was a really fun experience). We slept in the big barn called Swallow Barn, I slept on the sofa, Rose slept on the futon and mum slept on the double bed (it was a brill sleep).


Thursday – I woke up, poured myself some chocolate milk (which they gave to us), I used the loo with a view and brushed my teeth. We then got changed and met outside. In the morning we went to the beach with Amanda and Jazz but not mum. We went to the cafe where I had a coke, we then walked down to the beach where I skimmed lots of stones and caught plaice and sea eel. We walked back to the cafe and passed a very nice car. Me and Jazz asked the man if we could take a picture, he said fine. In the cafe we sat next to an old couple who had a lobster, the whole time me and Jazz laughed about him and the lobster (the lobster eating him). We had a lovely time! When I got back we had a look around the campsite with the dogs which was good fun until they got a bit too playful and decided to have a little fight with Rose and me. One of the dogs bit my leg. Mum and Amanda said I was very brave, Jazz was really sorry when she heard the news (it really wasn’t her fault but she thinks it is). The campsite was absolutely amazing! The interior of the caravans was stunning (blu-ray edition campsite)!! After that Amanda drove us to Whitby  to see our hotel which was immense (blu-ray wins again).

The three of us

The three of us

Friday- We spent the whole day at the beach in our beach hut that someone kind lent to us. I caught 3 starfish. After that we went to a scampi shack and had “guess what” scampi! We went to the amusements as well. We finished the day by going to a “interesting” puppet show – a scary fake old man and a cleaner real lady. We went upstairs to the library and mum and Amanda talked about stuff, while me, Claudia and Rose played cards, we were then joined by a boy and girl Sunny and Lola. We went upstairs to bed at 12:15 (late night).

We woke, up Claudia drove us to the station and we went home (sadly) :(

I really miss the campsite and all the lovely people who work and run it.

The people who I spent most time with were Claudia, Amanda and Jazz. I think they are amazing people with really good and interesting lives!

7 thoughts on “My La Rosa Story :)

  1. Kat

    What a great post. It sounds like the best campsite ever. I love Whitby, you get amazing fish and chips there. I hope I can take my children one day and I hope you keep writing Jamie, you definitely have a talent.

    1. admin Post author

      Yes I agree, the fish and chips were very nice. I will keep writing thank you.

  2. Three Pink Diamonds

    Fab post, glad you had a lovely holiday. Love the sentence ‘…used the loo with a view…’

  3. Amanda Boorman

    Wow what a great piece of writing! We all enjoyed meeting you and your sister. We thought you were amazing people. You have moved us with your good feedback and kind words. Jazz thought you were really cool and very funny . It was great having you around and we missed you lots when you went home. The photo of you, Rose and Jazz is super cute!
    I hope you might write again sometime because you have a really good way with words. Lots of love The La Rosa/Open Nest Gang (Jazz says good gang not scarey gang LOL!)

  4. claire

    Wow! He really enjoyed himself, sounds like a really lovely carefree experience! What a lovely post, hope to hear some more from him soon :)


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