Sunny Intervals and Exciting Times

On Saturday afternoon I sat under our apple tree, on a sun lounger, and read a book whilst our children played contentedly in a den they had constructed out of garden chairs, blankets and cushions.

A normal summer afternoon in most families perhaps, but not in ours.  I can’t remember this ever happening before.  Sure we’ve had short periods of calm and mellow blissfulness, but they tend to be short and far between. No, this felt real and was followed by a similar day on Sunday.

Twelve months ago Rob and I thought we were heading for some kind of catastrophic adoption breakdown, so difficult and relentless were the behaviours we were living with.  We were picked up by our social worker just before we hit the ground.  A year later and I cannot believe the progress we’ve all made.  The red anger, the aggression, the swearing, the hopelessness have all subsided, partly due to maturity, but in much larger part due to full on therapeutic parenting and some direct therapy which our son received.

I know that other families feel they may be where we were a year ago and I felt the need to offer up some hope and to share in our mellow June afternoon.

And what of ‘the book’? I’ve been busy reviewing the proof and planning some publicity.  No Matter What will be published on 23 July and can be pre-ordered from Jessica Kingsley Publishers and other online book retailers.  And no, those feet, they’re not mine.



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  1. Helen - SaveEveryStep (family stories from past and present)

    Lovely to hear some good news. Best wishes with the book!


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