Tell Me That You Love Me

Wake me gently and tell me you have missed me,
Touch my cheek and tell me that you love me,
Stroke my hair and say that I am yours.

Lift me from the bath and wrap me tightly,
Hold me on your knee and rock me,
Like I’m your baby girl.
Tell me I’m your baby girl.

Let me lie across your knee and purr as you scratch my back
And relieve my itchy soul.
My itchy soul.

Let’s play again!
Bandage my arm tightly and comfort my pain.
Stick a plaster on my little nail bitten finger.
And tell me you love me.
Do you love me?

Are you my mummy?
Tell me you’re my mummy, I forget.
In the night I dream you will die
And you will be laid in the dark earth
And I will be lost again.


3 thoughts on “Tell Me That You Love Me

  1. Jane Evans

    That is so beautiful and poignant Sally. It encaptures so well what traumatised children will do to have it confirmed that we do love them and they do deserve us and our love. Sadly it takes so long for them to fee reassured and safe but insight like yours will make all the difference. xx


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