How I Lost Weight by Eating Real Bread

That’s correct, you haven’t misread the title, I have lost weight by eating …… bread. 

I have held off writing this post for some weeks just in case I had fluctuated or was hosting a tape worm, but no, the results are irrefutable.  Five pounds, gone, sustainably.

My blog followers may remember that I recently spent a day in a craft bakery learning the essentials of bread making.  I came away having seen the light and vowed to banish quickly risen, mass produced bread from my diet with its air and its spikey gluten and its foul preservatives .  

By way of scene setting, I will just tell you that one of the problems of doing a physical job (gardening) is that one can struggle to fill the tanks, resulting in much stuffing of chocolate digestives and the like.  I long ago learnt that a bowl of commercial cereal does not provide the fuel to get through even a couple of hours of heavy work whereas a bowl of muesli or porridge does.  But I hadn’t thought too hard about the sandwiches I was eating for lunch and why I was coming home from work and mainlining sugar.  And a few extra pounds had crept up on me and hung around and wobbled now and again.

I have kept my vow and been making and eating bread.  White bread, wholemeal, rye and spelt.  I have been eating toast with eggs, bread and cheese, bread and soup and warm bread with butter oozing through it.  And I have been feeling FULL.  Yes full and satisfied.  I have not been getting home from work and raiding the cupboards.  I no longer obsess when there is chocolate in the house.  And five pounds have gone and stayed gone.  Not a lot, but enough to get into some clothes I was starting to miss.

So my unlikely advice this merry calorie-ridden season is, eat real bread, either your own or that made by one of our growing number of craft bakers.  It tastes fantastic.  It’s a meal on it’s own.  It’s filling.  And its the new wonder diet food.  What an uplifting New Year’s resolution it would make.  Hang on, that’s the dinger I hear, I’m off to get my next loaf out of the oven.

4 thoughts on “How I Lost Weight by Eating Real Bread

  1. Natasha

    I have also lost weight by eating bread everyday! I have given up on the faddy diet by that I mean Slimming World and Weight Watchers they are faddy. I have reverted back to the 1970′s and have a sandwich for my lunch everyday – I have lost 15lbs since October!

    1. admin Post author

      Fantastic. Bread and weight loss is a bit counterintuitive but it fits in well with the low GI thing. And proper bread doesn’t seem to result in bloating.
      Thanks for your comment and well done!

  2. Kylie

    Great post, I am just starting my weightloss journey (again) and have vowed to eschew cardboard bread, and only eat good bread. I strongly believe all the freaky stuff in commercial bread is the problem.

    Good bread is so filling, and you need good fuel for activity. Well done on the five pounds, I have 100lb to lose, and have lost 13lb so far!

    1. admin Post author

      Thank you for your comment. And well done on your progress. Bread needs to be more than just a means of packaging the filling and real bread is definitely a meal in itself.


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